Workshop: Kinds and Quantities – Classifying and Measuring in Science

Theme of the Conference

One of the central topics in the metaphysics of science is the status of natural kinds and the question of classification. Typical examples of natural kinds are chemical elements (e.g. gold, helium) and perhaps also biological species. Natural kinds, whether chemical or biological, usually go with classification schemes (the periodic table of chemical elements, phylogenetic trees in biology). But while classification and natural kinds seem common in sciences like biology and chemistry, the fundamental properties of physics seem to be of a different sort: properties like mass and temperature are quantities, and they come with measurement procedures instead of classification schemes. The main aim of the workshop is to discuss metaphysical and epistemological issues concerning the nature of kinds and quantities and their role in different sciences.

Conference Info:

Venue: 758 Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong
Time & Date: Friday May 15 & Saturday May 16, 9:30-18:00
Registration: Registration is not required for this event.
Organizer/Contact: Dr. Johanna Wolff, Dept. of Philosophy, HKU

Speakers at the conference:

Alexandra Cook (HKU), Malcolm Forster (Wisconsin), Alistair Isaac (Edinburgh), Dan Marshall (Lingnan), Alyssa Ney (Rochester), John Roberts (UNC Chapel Hill), Darrell Rowbottom (Lingnan), Peter Simons (Dublin), J. Wolff (HKU)                           

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