Recent & Upcoming talks

Fall & Winter 2018/19

“The new SI—Trade-offs in empirical determinability” – Symposium Redefining Units: Reflections on the 2018 Reform of the Metric System, Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, Seattle, Nov, 2018

“Can we empirically determine whether a concept is quantitative?” – Concept Formation in the Natural and the Social Sciences, Zurich, Oct 2018

Spring & Summer 2018

“Realism without Foundationalism” – Philosophy of Physics: Measurement, IUC Dubrovnik, April 2018

Fall & Winter 2017/18

“Fixing constants to define units” – Symposium on the new SI, Pacific APA, San Diego, March 2018

“Intrinsicalism or Structuralism?”- Ranch Metaphysics Workshop, Tucson, AZ, January 2018

“Are computer simulations measurements?” – 9th Bethe Centre Workshop Computational Science and Reality, Bad Honnef, October 2017

Spring & Summer 2017

What comes first, scales or quantities? – Scale, Durham Institute of Advanced Study, July 4-5

Do naturalists have to be quietists about interpretation? – Science, Metaphysics, and Skepticism, Bonn, June 29

Symmetry and Measurement Theory – With and without measure: symmetry and symmetry breaking, Munich, June 20

Fall & Winter 2016/7

“How should we understand the disagreement between comparativists and absolutists about quantities?” – The Metaphysics of Quantities, Institute for Philosophical Studies, Lugano February 1-2

“From microscopic to macroscopic” – Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, Atlanta, Nov 2016

“The curious case of the mole” – Metaphysics of Science Society, Geneva, Sep 2016